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Professional Engineering Contracting 专业工程承包

1、Airport Terminal Engineering 航站楼工程
2、Airfield Engineering 飞行区工程
3、Airfield Lighting Engineering 助航灯光工程
4、Air Traffic Management Engineering 空管工程
5、Low-current System Engineering 弱电工程
6、Electromechanical Equipment Engineering 弱电工程
7、Auxiliary Facilities 附属设施

安哥拉罗安达新国际机场航站楼(New International Airport Terminal in Luanda, Angola)

安哥拉罗安达新国际机场跑道(New International Airport Runway in Luanda, Angola)

飞行区道面施工(Construction of Airfield Pavement)

机场助航灯光   (Airfield Navigational Lighting)

控制塔台   (Control Tower)

机场弱电工程(Airport Low Current Engineering)