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Angola Luanda new airport project
The new airport covers an area of 75 square kilometers. The design can meet the requirements of B747, A380 and other large civil airliner, with an annual handling capacity of 15 million passengers, including international handling capacity of 10 million people domestic handling capacity of 5 million people, and peak hour international passenger throughput of 3288 times / small, peak hour domestic passenger throughput of 1644 Time / hour. Cargo and post annual throughput of 50000 tons. Set 4E, 4F two flight areas, including 4F flightzone runway 4000m*75m; 4E flight zone runway 3800m*60m. The main landing and landing ports of the 4F runway are type II precisionapproaching runways, and the other runway ends are type I precision approaching runways.
The passenger terminal 185600m2 has 31 nearest seats, including 20 international and 11 domestic. The project is the mostcomplete and largest hub InternationalAirport built in Africa.
In July 21, 2017, the Luanda promotion ceremony was held successfully in the new international airport, in which Mr. Thomas, the Minister of Transportation of Angola, chairman of China Airlines International Engineering Company, President of China AirlinesInternational Engineering Co., Ltd., general manager of CAC Airport Engineering Co Ltd., general director of the project of Luanda New International Airport project, Cheng Jun, representatives of Chinese enterprises and Chamber of Commerce, and workers' representatives participated. This is the event.