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Airport Runway Non-Suspending Construction Technology

The non-suspending construction of civil aviation airport refers to the implementation of engineering construction inside the airfield with the airport keeps open or partially closed and the aircraft being received and released according to the flight schedule. As a pioneer in developing the non-suspending construction solution of China's domestic airports, the company has mastered the core technology and management ability of the construction of the asphalt concrete overlay on the old airport pavement. At present, the international civil aviation market has a huge demand for the renovation of old airports, and the company can provide a complete and reliable non-suspending construction solution according to the specific characteristics of the project.

(Milling processing for access ramp of new and old asphalt concrete)

(APP asphalt felt reflection cracks construction)

(Non-suspending- Rubber modified bitumen macadam stress-absorbing layer)

(Construction activities carried out by pavers and road rollers during non-suspending period)

The bituminous concrete overlay adopts the paving methods by using several pavers working on different layers of the pavement section while avoiding synchronous construction at reflection crack stress-absorbing layer of the original pavement and its bitumen concrete for base course layer.