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Airport Engineering Procurement Construction(EPC) 机场工程EPC总承包


As the general contractor, AVIC-KDN Airport Engineering Co., Ltd. signs the construction contracts according to the requirements proposed by the owner and undertakes design, procurement,cons-truction for the whole airport project. Meanwhile, the company also takes full responsibility in terms of quality, safety, schedule, cost etc. for the projects it undertakes and ultimately delivers airport construction project to the owner which is in accordance with contract’s agreements, operable and possessed with working conditions and qualified by means of completion acceptance.

3.专业工程承包Professional Engineering Contracting

1、Airport Terminal Engineering 航站楼工程;2、Airfield Engineering 飞行区工程;3、Airfield Lighting Engineering 助航灯光工程;4、Air Traffic Management Engineering 空管工程;5、Low-current System Engineering 弱电工程;6、Electromechanical Equipment Engineering 机电设备工程;7、Auxiliary Facilities 附属设施。

4.设备采购与集成Equipment Procurement and Integration

1、Air Traffic Control System 空管系统;2、Low Current System 弱电系统;3、Baggage Handling System 行李系统;4、Boarding System 登机系统;5、Security Inspection System 安检系统;6、Special Vehicles 特种车辆;7、General Electromechanical Equipment 通用机电设备。

5. 通用机电设备Airport Operation

1、Technical File 技术档案;2、Personnel Training 人员培训;3、Simulation Operation 模拟运营;4、Maintenance 维护保养。