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AVIC-ENG Airport Engineering Co. Ltd has a group of excellent managers and technicians majoring in airport construction and has formed its own advantage and core competitiveness. With years’ engineering  practice at domestic and abroad, it has acquired comprehensive ability of providing construction and management services for various types of airports and possesses the potential to further expand international market and to pursue more cooperation at a broader and higher level.

The company’s major management, chief engineers and project managers are all from civil aviation industry,who has successfully organized and completed the construction of nearly 30 domestic airports. They are familiar with basic airport construction procedures as well as related organization and management work and has accumulated rich experience. And the company also recruits a group of skilled technical personnel expert at road and bridge construction and housing building, which makes the company qualified for the construction of both airport flight area, terminal and supporting facilities.

The company’s managerial and technical personnel have organized and completed about 30 renovation projects of airport pavements and professional engineering projects of airport flight area(airfield lighting system, ATC engineering and electrical and mechanical engineering, etc.) hoth in domestic & abroad, acquired core technology and management ability of renovating asphalt pavements of old airports without suspending flight operation, which will help the company expand market in Africa and other areas where there are airports needing renovation.