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On the afternoon of May 19, 2020, the memorandum of understanding on the optimization and adjustment of the construction plan of Luanda New International Airport Project and the signing ceremony of the supplementary contract were held at the ministry of transport of Angola. The purpose of this amendment is to ensure the construction of a safe, fully functional and well-operated airport.

Angola's Transport Minister Ricardo Queiros Veigas de AbreuCvil Aiation Sea Land Transportation Secretary of State, the Ministry of Communications, Carlos Antao Fernandes Borges and director of the Office, the Planning Department Director, Secretary for JusticeChairman of airport management company (SGA)Director of Airport Management Company (SGA) and gonail coordinator of Operation Officethe head of AVIC international engineering Angola branch Dexiang LiuExecutive Deputy Director of the New Airport Project Qiying Wei attended the signing ceremony together.

He said: the Luanda New International Airport project is an important strategic project in Angola. He hoped that the contractor, AVIC -KDN, could reasonably use the market resources in Angola and promote employment and social and economic development in Angola while successfully completing the construction of the new airport. And he expressed his sincere thanks to the Chinese government for its strong support for the project, the relevant units of the owner and AVIC-KDN for their efforts to optimize and adjust the construction scheme of the new airport project.

The memorandum on the optimization and adjustment of the construction scheme of Luanda New International Airport project and the signing of the supplementary contract will be gradually returned to work according to the epidemic situation.

Luanda New International Airport project is located as the international hub airport in Southwest Africa and is listed as the national strategic project of Angola. The new airport covers an area of 1324 hectares, including two flight areas. It can meet the take-off and landing requirements of B747, A380 and other large civil aviation airliners. There are 31 near parking spaces, which can park nearly 1000 cars, with an annual passenger throughput of 15 million people and an annual cargo and mail throughput of 50000 tons. The project is a hub type International Airport with the most complete functions and the largest scale in Africa.

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