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AVIC-KDN Actively Publicizing and Implementing the Spirit of the Two Sessions

At the end of May, the third session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee and the third session of the 13th NPC were held in Beijing. In order to make the general party members and workers can understand and grasp the important spirit of the "two sessions", the company called all staff organized the "two sessions" special topic study on June 15. Overseas project departments also organized their own study on the premise of not affecting the normal epidemic prevention and work. 


The meeting introduced four aspects, including the interpretation of the documents of the two sessions, the Civil Code, hot words on science and technology, and the Premier's response to questions from Chinese and foreign journalists. The meeting focused on the interpretation of the government work report for 2020, studied and implemented the work report on the "Two Senior Institutions ", and made targeted answers to the hot issues of common concern.

      The meeting held that the successful convening of the two sessions once again demonstrated the greatness, glory and correctness of the CPC and the remarkable advantages of the socialism with Chinese characteristics. The important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping during the two sessions is of great guiding significance to the overseas business work of our company. The whole company should unify our thoughts and actions to the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, strengthen the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidence", and achieve the "two safeguards". According to the plans of the two sessions, and in combination with the company's actual conditions, we should seek for deeper, tighter and better work in all aspects.

The meeting pointed out that to learn the spirit of the national two sessions. We should accurately grasp the core meaning of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches, continue to learn, understand and practice, internalize and externalize, and effectively apply the spirit of important speeches to our work and life. The employees at all levels of the company should set an example in learning, abiding by and safeguarding the Civil Code and the legislative decisions concerning Hong Kong national security, guide and lead all the employees to respect, abide by and use the law from their hearts, and do more to help the overall situation of the country without causing any disturbance.

The meeting requires the company's staff to deeply understand the spirit of the "two sessions" report and general Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during the "two sessions", and put it into practice in the future work, and unify their thoughts and actions to fully promote the production of the project under the normal epidemic prevention and control, so as to ensure the implementation of the project as scheduled.

The company staff listens attentively, from time to time records the key points, earnestly studies understands the conference spirit, carries on the exchange and the discussion regarding the two sessions hot issue. Participants agreed that learn in deep enlightenment, to grasp the two sessions of rich connotation and the essence of essence, active calls Xi general secretary, combined with the actual dean kay work, conscientiously study and implement national annual deploy, new requirements, new policy to seize opportunities, crack development problem, annual goals to ensure the successful completion of tasks.

Civil Code

People-oriented, people-centered, private rights as the pillar; To understand the affairs of the people and safeguard their interests.

Through learning the relevant content of the two sessions, greatly encouraged the enthusiasm of the staff. They said they would strengthen their political belief, internalize the spirit of the "two sessions" in their hearts, turn it into action, condense their hearts and gather their strength into production, earnestly shoulder the new era and new mission given by the Party and the people, and show the responsibility and performance of the AVIC-KDN’s.

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