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In the just-concluded 13th on the fourth meeting of the National People's Congress, passed on 14 national economic and social development five-year plan and 2035 vision an outline of the resolution, the outline of a single "perfect model of city information platform and operation management services platform, to build urban data resources system, pushing forward the construction of the urban data brain Explore the construction of digital twin cities." Scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading have been the core topics advocated by the state in recent years, and scientific and technological innovation is the key to responding to profound changes unseen in the world in a century. The leaders of the company pay much attention to the new technology and new ideas in the industry, and write the technology upgrade into the company's work plan for this year.

On April 26, 2021 Digital Twin Technology Summit was grandly held in Beijing National Convention Center, and the company organized engineering and technical staff to watch it online. The summit aims to promote the innovation system of digital twin technology in geographic information and related fields, accelerate the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy, help the construction of digital twin, and promote the innovation and development of digital twin technology.

Digital twin, also known as digital mirror and digital mapping, refers to the full use of physical module, sensor update, operation history and other data, integration of multi-disciplinary, multi-physical quantity, multi-scale, multi-probability simulation process, complete mapping in virtual space, so as to reflect the full life cycle of the corresponding physical equipment. The purpose of digital twin is to serve the physical entity with virtual reality and digital body, so that the physical entity can operate more efficiently, safer, healthier and with the lowest cost. Especially in the complex giant system most need digital twin, such as large manufacturing chemical plants, large buildings, industrial parks, university campuses, airports and ports, the more complex the system, the more need for virtualization and simulation, small to save resource costs, improve quality and efficiency; Big is less detours, no regrets.

Based on the digital twin operating system, the digital twin airport maps a digital airport in the virtual digital world which is exactly the same as the physical real world, and completes the all-round management of the airport in the air, ground, underground and inside the building, reflecting the whole life cycle process of the real airport.

The construction of digital twin airport is an infrastructure project, in the process of building a physical civil airport, a digital twin airport should be constructed simultaneously. In the past ten years, domestic large airports have started to build various forms of geographic information system. Large airports, including Capital, Shenzhen, Xi 'an, Daxing and Tianfu, have launched independent GIS construction projects during the 12th Five-Year Plan or 13th Five-Year Plan period to provide a visual platform for smart airport construction.

Liping Yao, a consultant expert of our AVIC-KDN, was invited as a guest to attend and deliver a keynote speech entitled "Comprehensive Digital Engineering Construction Classic, Authentic Digital Twin Airport -- BIM/DT Implementation Record of Ezhou Hub". He took Ezhou Airport as a case to introduce the application of digital twin and BIM technology in the whole life cycle of airport construction. Miss Yao's speech was wonderful and vivid, which was widely praised by the participants and gave us a good lesson!