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"New Project, New Start”-- Warmly Celebrate the Smooth Start of the Runway and Taxiway Reconstruction Project of the TIA in Nepal

Located in the center of the capital-Katmandu, the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) of Nepal lies in the central part of a bowl-shaped valley with an altitude of approximately 1400m in Katmandu and is about six kilometer away from the city center. TIA is the only international airport in Nepal.

On the morning of April 3rd, 2019, the commencement ceremony with local characteristics was held to celebrate the start of the runway and taxiway reconstruction and upgrading project of the TIA which is to be contracted by AVIC-KDN Airport Engineering Co., Ltd.

Mr. Dhan bahadur Buddha, the State Minister of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Transportation and Tourism of Nepal; Mr. Zhang Fan, the counselor of the Chinese embassy in Nepal; Mr. Cheng Jun, the President of ACIV-KDN; Mr. Chen Tianzhi, the Vice President of AVIC-KDN and Mr. Huang Canhua, the chief engineer etc. were present at the commencement ceremony.

The opening ceremony site

Statement by Mr. Dhan Bahadur Buddha, Minister of State, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Transport and Tourism of Nepal

Mr. Cheng Jun, the President of ACIV-KDN (first from left); Mr. Chen Tianzhi, the Vice President of AVIC-KDN (third from left) attended the ceremony

The TIA was put into use in 1949 and it possesses one runway, one bituminous concrete parallel taxiway and five taxiway exits. The airport serves as the main access for the visitors to Nepal and the main base for the domestic civil aviation. Besides, it’s also the sole airport in Nepal which is equipped with the runway for the take-off and landing of the international flights and is able to handle the operation of medium and large-size passenger aircraft. In recent years, due to the service life of the pavement, frequency of take-off and landing and the take-off weight and due to the poor road conditions such as cracks and swelling, the airport has been unable to meet the needs of increasing air services.

In this case, AVIC-KDN Airport Engineering Co., Ltd signed the non-suspension construction contract with the Nepal party by taking advantage of its professional non-suspension construction technologies.

The reconstruction and upgrading activities are carried out on a daily basis during 22:00-08:00 next day when the airport is shut down.

Group photo among Mr. Chen Tianzhi, the Vice President of AVIC-KDN and the foreign workers

Mixing Plant

In the future, a brand-new runway and taxiway pavement will be presented to the world, and the airport will be able to satisfy the airport business needs of large wide-bodied aircrafts for taking off and landing as well as the daily ultra-high volume of taking off and landing operations.

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