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AVIC-KDN Organized a Symposium for Young Staff Representatives

Recently, AVIC-KDN headquarters organized a meeting of young staff representatives. This symposium mainly focuses on how to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture.

At the beginning of the meeting, the leader of the work department of the party and the masses affirmed the efforts and achievements made by the group in the past period of time. At the same time, he presented three topics for the discussion: First, he hoped everybody express their views on enriches the staff cultural activity form, establishes the harmonious working environment and so on; Second, in order to prevent the recent phenomenon that individual employees have no strong awareness of compliance with regulations and low self-requirements from interfering with and damaging the overall harmonious environment of management work, the group discussion is conducted around how to give full play to the exemplary role of advanced young employees and use practical actions to influence and drive the backward;Third,he wanted everyone can offer suggests on how to optimize team functions.

Around the above issues, all young staff representatives expressed their views and formed a collective consensus. They believe that employees' cultural activities are the important carrier and link of enterprise culture construction and play an extremely important role in enterprise culture construction. The organization of these activities can not only stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, improve the quality of work, drive the development of work, but also create a good environment for employees to retain their hearts, greatly increasing the sense of belonging and pride of employees. Abiding by rules and disciplines, working diligently and doing a good job are the necessary requirements for every employee to play a good role as a master, and it is also the responsibility of young employee representatives to play a exemplary role. On the issue of enriching the forms of staff cultural activities, we advocate to take a point with a face. Taking sports activities as an example, employees with outstanding skills in a certain aspect can drive other groups, enhance physical exercise and improve physical quality, and create an environment and atmosphere of communication, integration, solidarity and cooperation among colleagues. At the same time, organizing some English learning groups and fitness groups can not only create a strong learning atmosphere, but also improve the language ability of employees.

This discussion is not only beneficial to enrich the cultural activities of the enterprise staff, but also improves the sense of ownership of the young staff representatives,encourage them to play a bigger role in participating in corporate culture construction and strengthening corporate management.

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