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Angolan President Expressed Satisfaction with the Progress of the Dr. Neto International Airport Project Undertaken by AVIC-KDN

On June 17, local time, Angolan President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço visited the Dr. Neto International Airport project for the second time this year. More than 60 high-level government officials, including Minister of State and Director of the Presidential Military Office, Minister of State and Director of the Presidential Civil Office, Minister of State for Social Affairs, Minister of State for Economic Coordination, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Finance, Minister of Energy and Water, Minister of Telecommunications, and Governor of Luanda, accompanied him.

At around 9:30 in the morning, the President Lourenço arrived at the direction center of Dr. Neto International Airport Project undertaken by AVIC-KDN Airport Engineering Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC-KDN") and held a closed-door meeting with key members of the delegation. Jose Paulo Nobrega, Coordinator of the Office of Airport Operations (GONAIL), briefed the delegation on the latest progress of the project.

Subsequently, the presidential delegation, accompanied by the GONAIL management team and representatives of AVIC-KDN, inspected the project construction site. First of all, they visited the Fire and First-aid center, Central Apron Station,ITC Building and Air Traffic Control Training Center, and in particular they paid a visit to the airport Operations Control Center (AOC) hall, controller learning room and 360 tower simulator. Afterwards, they climbed to the top floor of the airport tower and witnessed the simulation of the future operation of the tower while overlooking the entire airport landscape and enjoying the lights of the two runways. Finally, they visited the domestic arrival hall, baggage claim Hall, Terminal Operations Control Center (TOC) and Domestic VIP (CIP) area on the first floor of the terminal, and was interviewed by the media at the exit of the Domestic VIP (CIP) area.

Compared to the inspection on March 27 this year, the President Lourenço expressed great satisfaction with the overall progress of the project, asked the relevant agencies of the government to fully support the construction of the project, and is full of expectations that the project will be basically completed by November 11 this year!

Following the site visit, the President Lourenço returned to the project direction center and convened the principal members of the mission for a summing-up meeting.

The Dr. Neto International Airport project is listed as an Angolan national strategic project.The airport is featured with two aircraft movement areas namely 4E and 4F, which can meet takeoff and landing requirements for B747, A380 and other large civil aircrafts ). Meanwhile, related auxiliary facilities and  various individual building with a total area of 450,000m2 have also been constructed. Upon completion, it will become a hub airport in Southwest Africa and will greatly promote the sustained prosperity and development of the regional economy. (script by Xu Xiang,photo by Jia Chunmao and translation proof-reading by Tang Zonghuan)

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