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Roberts International Airport, Haber in Macedonia, is the most important international airport in the Republic of Liberia, serving the capital of Monrovia. The airport is currently the busiest and important aviation facility in Liberia and the only hub connecting scheduled flights in Europe and the United States.

Roberts International Airport is a 4D grade asphalt concrete runway with a length of 3535.47m and a width of 45m. It is suitable for take-off and landing of double-issue medium-range wide-body aircraft such as Boeing 767 and Airbus A330.

Since the construction of the project, it has faced a very complicated natural environment, with extremely harsh sanitary conditions, prevalence of infectious diseases such as malaria and typhoid fever; climatic conditions are very bad, rainy and hot temperatures are almost normal; the security environment is increasingly severe, and kidnappings and terrorist incidents are frequent. hair. In the face of all kinds of difficulties, under the strong leadership of the company headquarters, under the strong leadership of the project department, the Liberia project department scientifically planned and arranged carefully to ensure the high quality and efficient completion of the project, and was consistently received by the general contractor. The bureau, the Liberian owner, the supervisory party NACO of the Netherlands and the Chinese Ambassador to Liberia are highly appraised and praised.


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