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The project is positioned as an international hub airport in southwest Africa and is listed as an Angolan national strategic project.

The new airport covers an area of 75 square kilometers and is designed to meet the requirements for the take-off and landing of large-scale passenger aircraft such as B747 and A380. The annual passenger throughput is 15 million passengers, including 10 million international throughput and 5 million domestic throughput.Passenger throughput was 3,288 person/hour, and domestic passenger throughput was 1,644 person-times per hour during peak hours.The annual throughput of goods and mail is 50,000 tons.There are two flight zones, 4E and 4F, of which 4F flight zone runway is 4000m*75m; 4E flight zone runway is 3800m*60m.The main starting and landing end of the 4F runway is a Class II precision approach runway, and the remaining runway ends are Class I precision approach runways.

The passenger terminal building is 185,600 square meters, with 31 close-up positions, including 20 international and 11 domestic.The project is the most complete and largest hub-type international airport for one-time construction in Africa.

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